The Paintball Farm Kzn

Kwazulu Natals premier paintball facility


Boasting the largest and most diverse Bushball experience in Kzn


The Paintball Farm is situated on a 50 acre piece of land.

Of that, 30 acres is purely dedicated to playing bushball.


We believe in a symbiotic relationship with our customers and therefore encourage them to offer suggestions on how we can make the bushball experience a better one for all.

Because of that, our fields are constantly evolving and our aim is to offer the player the most realistic and satisfying experience to date.

Currently we have three dedicated areas that we can host bushball games in.


Milsim Field


Our Milsim Field  (Military Simulation) is 15 acres of thick dense bush.

It has everything one needs to experience what true bush war is about.

With a mix of thorn trees and a Whattle plantation, natural ant hill bunkers and acres of thick dense grass and bush, One can experience a true bush battle ground.



The Killing Fields

The killing field comprises of 3 acres of open grassy Savannah, surrounded by trees, bush and some man made obstacles.

This field is perfect for playing capture the flag as well as storming the castle.

Weather its the sneaky "sniper" role that you are interested in, or the brave suicidal warrior storming into battle, This field offers all that you are looking for in a fast paced, action filled environment.



We cater for large groups or even a small group of friends who just want to enjoy a more private experience.

We do also offer team building experiences for those who are more adventurously minded and would love to experience the thrill of fighting next to a friend,or against an arch enemy.





We have tried to create a natural environment to play in so that ones experience is not contrived and man made.

 As we are a working Farm our goal is to help facilitate a great fun environment without compromising in safety of in anything damaging to the environment.That is one of the reasons that we are a GI Sportz distributor and use their paint as it is completely bio degradable and does not stain or mess up ones equipment or the bio diverse environment.